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Giving Clicks is offering websites for $29 per month!

Many ministries are paying a fortune and companies are taking too much ministry money for websites.


Giving Clicks is different; we are ministry oriented.


$29 includes your website, hosting, website name, or choose the CLICK MOBILE Giving Plan and it's included with all the features below!  


Giving Clicks will make a website for you using your information, pictures and your choice of design to make sure that your church website makes an impact for your church growth.  If you want custom graphic design work, we can get you a reasonable quote.   


Once we complete that website, we'll train you to keep that site updated and we are ready to help at any time. Your staff can add as many new pages as you’d like at no extra cost.  


You can upload audio, videos, and photos and maintain your events calendar, and many other features.

Giving Clicks websites are feature rich!

Here’s how it works:


Step 1   Click below to get a website or go to Sign Up and choose the Click Mobile, or Click Plus, or Click Pro plan for Giving.  


Clicking below, you will answer a few questions and pay $29 for the first month (refundable if you're not satisfied - has never happend!)


Step 2   You approve the site and it goes live!


No Setup Costs!

Billing only begins when your website is published.

Website creation takes 7 to 10 days so let's get started right away.  



Here is what you get:

Five Professionally Designed Website Pages

Photo Gallery


Graphic Buttons

Forms for Events

Mobile Ready

No Contract - No Setup Costs

Website Name (Domain Name)

Events Calendar

Home Page Banner with effects

Donation images for Giving Clicks

 Choice of Template Design

 Prayer Request and any Forms

1-to-1 Live Training

Easy to make changes, updates and add unlimited pages to your website!

The initial deposit is by debit or credit card.  Additional installments are from your checking account.
Please have a picture of a voided check ready to upload or fax it to Giving Clicks at 1-407-982-7577, or send it to


Additional Features

Additional Pages anytime  – And our designers are ready to help.

Statistics and Analytics – Find out what people like best. 


Visitor Count – Keep count of how many visitors your site receives. 

Social Media Connection – Display your social media feed on your site!


Online Store – Sell items on your website. 

Multiple Photo Galleries – All of your photos can be kept in the same place and viewed by all members. 


Image Effects – Your visitors can see multiple images on your homepage! 

Form(contact, prayer, etc.) Connect with your community  to send messages directly to your church.


Blog – Share opinions, activities, and experiences with your ministry. 

Announcement Scroller – Keep your church up-to-date with all important updates. 

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