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How can your offerings and donations increase?

  1. Of course, continue to teach and speak on giving as part of a discipleship process. 

  2. Have as many “avenues” open for giving as possible without any roadblocks.

  3. Never be locked into a system for digital giving that can become obsolete.

  4. Have a Ministry App to build community and focus, utilizing it as a shepherding tool with your members.

  5. Depending on the culture of your ministry, apply best practices, specific campaigns, and strategies to get a "first" donation from the 60% who have never given, to get "in the moment of need" offerings, to get those who have given to tithe, to have all increase their giving.

  6. Emphasize recurring giving.

  7. Providing avenues to make up missed offerings.


Apply Giving Clicks' rewarding, awarding and reinforcing giving strategies that transform giving into experiences.

Let Giving Clicks be a resource partner to grow your offerings and donations today!

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