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First Time Setup

 1. Place a "Donate" or "Give" tab on the Top Level of the menu on your website, so it's easy for people to see.  Even give it a different color if you can do so.

2.  Then create a page on your website for giving/giving information.


3.  On that giving page:


          a.  place any text you want to have about giving.

          b. place the "Giving Buttons" for the giving avenues you are offering on that page.  The giving buttons can be downloaded below. 

          c.  connect the appropriate URL (link or web address) to that giving avenue in the button:  


                  1) These buttons would link to a page on your website: "Planning Giving" " Gifts in Kind"  "Get our App" if you are using them.

                  2) We will send you a link for these buttons as appropriate:  "Credit & Debit"  "Start a Campaign"  "In Honor & Memorial"

                  3) We will send you the code for these to place on your website, as appropriate:  "Gifts in Kind"  "Get the App"

          d.  We recommend have this question about the giving buttons:  "How would you like to give?"


                   Here's an example from World in Need International ("

Giving Buttons Links                               How would you like to give?
You download the Giving Buttons here
Promotional Materials Links

There are also some promotional materials in the link below.  Feel free to adjust anything as you need to.

Properly promoting the giving avenues is a key to raising the offerings.

Download the files here.

and Passwords
You will receive sign-in information for your giving software and mobile app by email.
Set a time for training here
Integration with Software

We know how important it is to create seamless information flow and access.  You can integrate with Church Community Builder, ACS Technologies, Shelby, TheCity, HelpMate, PowerChurch, Church Office Online (Church Membership Online), Servant Keeper, QuickBooks, and others. Let us help you maximize your giving and donations and manage them through your existing solutions.

Mobile Ministry App

We are getting your Ministry App in order.

We’ll put the usual sections in it and then see what you would like to change.

Your members will be able to give directly through the app plus it’s like they can take the church and leaders with them where ever they go.

Text Giving Information

Giving to your ministry by text message is through a phone number which will be emailed to you.

The first time you give through text message, you’ll enter the billing information.  Then no information is needed for all subsequent gifts.

It’s easy to use, and I recommend you demonstrate it for the church.

We used to ask people to turn off their phones for the service but now we wait until all offerings are taken!

Charitable Rewards for zero fees

Your ministry can receive additional income to zero out your expenses through the Charitable Rewards referral program. Here’s how...we’ll give you wording to promote to individuals that accept credit cards. If they can save money, or see another benefit to their business and switch their credit card processing to us, the income from the referral will be applied to your fees. There is no cost in administration, time or expense for you.   Here are some real examples:

A restaurant in California switched saving $10,200 per year. Over $1200 a year is being donated to their church. 

A hair salon in Florida switched saving $3,650 per year. Over $400 a year is being donated to a missionary they care about.

Here's the wording to use:

Attention Business Owners and Managers


Introducing a Charitable Rewards Program for our Church that may save you money


We want you to know about a Charitable Rewards program offered by our online giving partner, Giving Clicks. 


It may be possible for you to lower your fees, have improved service and, on top of that, Giving Clicks will automatically donate 100% of the net income, from your account to our church.

It's Giving Clicks’ goal for our ministry to have zero cost in our digital giving.


You can make that possible at no cost to you in time or expense.


It’s simple and takes 2 minutes to check!


Go to   Click on

Your Merchant Statements and Fees
A statement from the Credit Card Processor will be emailed to you and will show the donations, the kind of cards, and the fees.  You see the 
donations go directly to your bank account and you'll see the fees deducted from your bank account.  Fees for digital donations will be paid to the Credit Card Process, and to software providers like AuthorizeNet and Giving Clicks.  Please 
utilize the Charitable Rewards program to have zero fees.

Dashboard and Reporting

Your ministry will have full management and reporting control. We provide simple integration with your church website and export into your database or CRM. Every donation is instantly on its way to your back account within 24 to 48 hours.

The giving software has all the reporting you need and can export to any church software.

You will be sent sign-in information for the dashboard.  There is training available for this as well.

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