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Raise Your

Support Now

Raise the Support You Need

for Your Ministry

With tools you can afford!

Personal Website $29

Online Tools

Mobile Tools

Social Tools

Events and Tickets

In Kind Giving

Large Financial Gifts

Planned Giving and more


More than 25 tools and strategies for raising support.


Fundraising Resources Available

Donation Processing

Text Giving and Online Giving Pages

Website Design and Creation

Recurring donations          

Business Reply Giving Envelopes

Prayer Letter Service

Mobile Swipers for Donations

Deferred Giving and Estate Planning

Offer your Books or Products for Sale

Email Campaigns and Autoresponders

End of the Year Gifts

Crowd Funding

Gifts in Honor and Memorial

Giving of Cars, RVs’, Boats, etc. with only Two Clicks

Giving Stocks, Bonds, etc. with only Two Clicks

Capital Campaigns

Community Donations and Corporate Matching Fits

IRA Giving and more!


For leaders of a mission agency or a nonprofit organization

Website with Features listed below.

Website with Online Giving.

All Fundraising Resources Provided.

For those already connected to a mission agency or a nonprofit 


For those who need a nonprofit agency to handle tax free donations.









All Fundraising Resources Provided.

For those who only need a complete website.


  per month


per month


per month


per month




$29 per month


Five Professionally Designed Website Pages

Photo Gallery



Graphic Buttons

Forms for Events and Contact form


Mobile Ready

Website Name (Domain Name)

Events Calendar


Home Page Banner with effects

Choice of Design

Prayer Request and other Forms


Includes Website and domain name

One page online giving - no charge

100% your brand and logos.


All receipts will have only your branding.  Your funds go directly to the bank account you designate.  This is for those already connected to a mission agency or a nonprofit organization.

$29 per month



Your most complete source of tools for fundraising is in this plan.  The plan includes a Website and domain plus all Fundraising Resources.

You must have your own 501c3 non-profit organization or a relationship with a non-profit for this plan.

Your funds go directly to the bank account you designate.

Review the complete list of all tools above for raising and increasing your monthly support and large special gifts.

Opening all avenues possible is a key to growing your donations.  Giving Clicks will provide ongoing consultation to insure you have the latest tools and the right tools that make sense for your ministry.

Cancel any time and there is no long term obligation.  Call today and receive the first three months at no cost!

$74 per month





This plan includes all Fundraising Resources including advanced Website with text giving, unlimited campaigns, crowdfunding, Mobile web app, Gifts in Kind, Planned Giving, including products.


$29 per month


This plan is accomplished with Giving Clicks ministry partner World in Need International.


You are not joining World in Need; you do not represent them or they you in ministry. World in Need facilitates the merchant account, online giving, and text giving, and the other services in the background.


Your funds go directly to the bank account you designate.


All receipts will have your branding.

Visit their website at World in Need.

Even if you are with a mission, this plan can help you have the tools you need to increase your support and accomplish more.


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