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Giving at any ministry location is easy and convenient.

Giving at any ministry location is easy and convenient state of the art equipment, including Kiosks, Point-of-Service terminals for your coffee shop, bookstore, etc. are all available.  We carry all transaction hardware and tools needed to give you control and flexibility.


Accept donations anytime, anywhere.

Donors have easy access to digital giving on their desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.  Donors control their gifts with privacy and security. And your ministry has full management and reporting control. 


Increase giving and reach new donors in todays "mobile" culture.

A Mobile Ministry App moves your members toward spiritual decisions and not just a way to give.  Increase giving and reach new donors in today's "on the go" culture with access to our mobile web, app giving and, text-to-give platform. 


Turn your social sites into giving portals.

Turn your social sites into giving portals with our integration tools.  And with the Giving Clicks crowd-funding module, where members and donors raise funds for your ministry, from a youth mission trip to your next capital campaign, crowd-funding makes giving engaging, rewarding and personal.


Event registration and ticketing made easy.

Summer Camp, Women's conference or special events - you'll make ticketing, registration and payment for your next events easy and convenient with our integrated software. Organizational tracking and record keeping made easy in the admin back office. Track ticket sales, product sales and attendee information, anytime, anywhere.


In 2 Clicks, turn items your donors no longer need into Ministry Resources.

Easily convert personal assets including stocks, bonds, land, homes, vehicles, art and many other items into ministry cash with two clicks on your website. Open an exciting new channel for donation engagement with our integrated Gift-in-Kind giving module.


Making this category a priority provides large gifts for ministry.

Members and Donors may be worth more than they think. Retirement funds have grown; real estate values have increased; investments have multiplied; insurance policies have expanded; things of value have accumulated over the years. Gift and estate planning are well worth the investment of your time. A gift to your ministry can leave a legacy well into the future.

The Giving Clicks Advantage

Simple to Use

Giving Clicks is incredibly easy to use. No technical knowledge is required! Manage all your online fundraising in seconds.


Transaction Equipment

Qualifying accounts receive use of specific point-of-purchase equipment at no charge.


$100,000 loss protection insurance is available for your ministry against losses related to data breach. We handle your PCI compliance for security and risk management.


Easy for Donors

Giving Clicks makes it easy for donors. Most donations are completed in 60 seconds or less.


Ongoing Advocacy

We vet service partners, negotiate and re-negotiate fees on an ongoing basis to give your ministry maximum savings and best-in-class services.


Charitable Rewards©

Your ministry can zero out your annual transaction expenses and generate bonus revenue through the Charitable Rewards referral program.

The Giving Clicks Process

Create Your

Offering/Donation Pages

Receive Donations

Increase Offerings

Sign Up

Promote the Options

Reward and Encourage the Donors

The Giving Clicks Story

More resources for ministry from a Financial Crisis

Of course, ministries need financial support to do their work. But in 2008 the U.S. economic meltdown impacted giving across the board, including the missionaries and church planters that John Honeycutt, a church planter, was helping. Most of these ministries took a 20-30% financial "hit" and were struggling. John was committed to two things: providing more ways for supporters to give and helping ministries keep more of their donation dollars.  The principles he used for establishing self-supporting churches established the work of Giving Clicks.


Greater revenue and savings through best-in-class digital giving

Giving Clicks was born from this need: providing a critical bridge between ministries and the complex, often predatory world of digital transaction processing. Because our goal is the advancement of the Kingdom, we offer the lowest possible rates and fees to ensure that ministries have the greatest net revenue. Usually 20-30% lower than those available through other merchant service providers.


As John was helping the missionaries and church planters in his network, he was approached by other ministries to grow their support base as well. The Giving Clicks team was expanded and the movement began.

So more can know Christ

With access to virtually all digital giving options including online, onsite, mobile, social, in-kind and event, Giving Clicks offers ministries every avenue for donations. And with our Charitable Rewards© referral program, ministries can even generate bonus income to completely offset their fees and more.


By helping churches get more and net more, we raise resources for Kingdom work, increase engagement, promote healthy discipleship, and ultimately help more people know Christ. That's what Giving Clicks is all about.

Giving Clicks is a registered agent with more that 15 merchant services and equipment companies for credit and debit card processing.

Accept donations anytime, anywhere. 

Donors can have easy access to over 25 digital giving pathways online via desktop, laptop, and mobile devices as well as onsite. 

When your ministry

is enabled with over 25

donation pathways...

giving just 'clicks'.

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