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Let's face it, your members are not going to stop using technology because nearly everyone who comes into contact with the internet does not want to disconnect


Smartphone users spend three times longer on mobile apps than on mobile websites. 


That’s why you can see people everywhere glued to their devices.  And there is something different about today's personal technology; it’s persuasive and enjoyable.

Your members are not going to stop using technology...

Tech Companies

It's enjoyable because tech companies, like Facebook and others, make products so good people don’t want to stop using them. And the more frequently they use them, the more money they make, so these products aren't habit forming and enjoyable by chance; it's by design



People also need technology because of the person who pays them. Technology is required for nearly any job and a slow response to learn can hurt not only their reputation but also their livelihood.



And, the reality is checking tech is contagious and a new social norm.  You’ll see one person look at their phone; then other people feel compelled to do the same. You don’t want to miss what's happening or be considered rude for not responding.  



And, if we're honest, tech is another way to occupy our time and minds.  It's entertainment for us.

You are a steward of people, finance, and resource. The Ministry App places it all at your fingertips.
Personal technology
opens avenues for personal ministry.
It's up to us to steward technology for Kingdom

Personal technology is indeed more engaging than ever, but that's not necessarily a problem. That can be useful for our ministries. 


To view technology correctly, we must be conscious not only of how technology is changing but also of how it opens avenues for our ministry.


We believe a powerful tool for your ministry is a custom ministry app.  


We have to change how we think and get our thoughts around the possibilities.  When you do, you can see the opportunity for your ministry to go with your members everywhere they go.  

A Ministry App moves your members toward spiritual decisions and not just a way to give.  


Connecting with your members, at key times, reinforces their spiritual behavior.


And your member's interaction with you at key times in their life, through the Ministry App, moves their connection with your ministry to the heart level.


Trust increases in your ministry and a lasting relationship is deepened with every experience.


Select the Click Plus or Click Pro Plan and see how the giving experiences move your members toward spiritual decisions.

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